Modules that restrict player counts? Tide of Iron

Hi, I’m fairly new to Vassal, used it to play solo games in the past but trying multiplayer now. I’m trying to start up a Tide of Iron game with my friends, but it seems the module assume a 2 player game, while the game itself allows for 2-4. Is this a constraint of Vassal, or something the module creator put in? Is it a lot of work to make a game that has sides? For ex. player 1 and 2 are on the side of the Allies, play 3 runs the Axis. Just curious because we’re kinda bummed out by the limitation (understanding it is free so…)

You can have any number of players with VASSAL. This must be the way Tide of Iron was setup

Try this. Have both players on the same side share the same password. It doesn’t have to be fancy. “ABC” would work. To set a password (everyone should do this anyways, by the way), pull down File / Preferences / Personal. It’s better if they do this before you start the game, but don’t do it in the middle of the game because you can get locked out. The password is how Vassal tells which side you are playing.