Modules with large hands/displays of cards

Working on a module with the need to review a large hand of cards every turn. Up to twenty cards at a time.
My first thoughts are using a horizontal window or a vertical inventory view.

What might be best is to show the cards in a grid of x rows by y columns. The problem is the cards is variable so it would need to be created by trigger etc and sent to a “viewer” window

Any existing game modules that do this or effectively handle a large amount of cards?


In my Liberté module, each player has to review potentially ~15 cards at the end of each turn, though often fewer. The player mats have two distinct areas as some cards are visible to other players and the rest are “in hand”. I use Player Hand windows, zones and logic on the cards to manage these windows. Windows can be sized and zoomed (smaller or larger cards), to suit a player’s screen and fit everything on.

You will also find an Inventory Window for the Player Mats in this module, as in this game players need a way to easily view all the player mats.

Some designers prefer to keep all cards in the main board window. Perhaps some one will chip in with ideas that would allow you to do this.

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Thanks for the module tip. I’ll check it out along with any other module suggestions.

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