More DNS stuff

Can I get a behavior clarification for DNS when used with Mask?

Trait list order:

Basic Piece
Does not Stack - Select always, Move Never

When the piece is Masked I would expect that the DNS property of “Move Never” to be suspended as it is underneath the Mask in trait tree, making the piece temporarily moveable. Once Mask is removed, then the piece should only be selectable and no longer moveable.

However it seems that DNS ignores trait stack and piece is never moveable regardless of the Mask state. Is this correct (using 3.1.4)?

If it is could we alter DNS to obey position in trait stack so that the above combo would theoretically work?


It is not obvious that what you want should happen.

The Mask trait is supposed to alter the appearance of a piece, not totally suspend all traits within it.

I’m not saying it shouldn’t either, but you will need to make a case for a change.


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Ah Ok. Was thinking of Layer (an appearance trait) when was comparing DNS
with Mask. No reason to change then - case is weak and just trying out
obscure ideas as usual, seeing what breaks :slight_smile:

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