mouse lag + window overlap

OS: Win10
CPU: i7-8700K
Memory: 16GB
Video: GeForce 8600M GT
VASSAL: 6.3.3
Java: v8, update 231 (2019, latest version)
Module: any; e.g. Normandy '44, VASL, etc.
GPU: GEForce RTX 2080 Ti (11 GB RAM)
Display: ASUS ROG PG27A (4K gaming monitor @ 60Hz)

I have a relatively new (~ 1 year old) gaming machine which should have plenty of graphic power for Vassal, yet when I am running Vassal I notice that my mouse lags as I move it, making the window that I’m in ‘double up’ and overlap (so it looks like Java is trying to redraw the entire window, but it ends up off center).

I’ve noticed this in Realmspeak (a Java program similar to Vassal for the game Magic Realm), as well … so I suspect it is something to do with Java.

I figured I’d ask here and hope that others have seen this issue and can offer advice (is it a RAM/heap size issue? Is it related to my resolution being 4K and Java not “playing nicely” with 4K? etc.). Any help/suggestions would be appreciated … thanks!

-Kevin Bernatz