Mouse-Over - can the module really specify mouse-over time?

I’m not convinced that the field for specifying Mouse-Over time-delay inside the mouse-over properties actually works.

The only thing that seems to drive mouse-over time-delay is the single entry in Preferences, along with the option to switch to manual only.

Case in point, if I blank out the mouse-over delay in Preferences, it seems to get re-populated back to its default (?) of 500ms.
Also, I don’t see any indication of when Vassal would decided to use the designer-specified duration instead of the Vassal user preference, or vice-versa.

Am I doing it wrong perhaps?

I think something’s not right here. We’ll see about it.

So, here’s how the Mouse-Over Display delay actually works: The delay you set in the editor is the default, which the user can override in the Prefs. There’s only one user preference for this, so if you have more than one Mouse-Over Display, the default delay for the last one to be loaded will take precedence.

I’s not clear to me that it’s a good idea from a UX perspective to have several of them set to different delays, or to have them not be user-adjustable. Thus, my verdict is that this is not a bug, just a bit underdescribed.

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