Move Pieces with Arrow Keys?

This sounds like a simple question, but I haven’t seen the answer here: is it possible to nudge pieces using the arrow keys?

Yes, if the module has been designed to do that. Every module is different in how components are manipulated so how things are done is really pot luck in that regard

That’s what I mean, I’m designing a module and want to be able to move pieces a pixel or two with the arrow keys.

I’ve got 12 players each with 9 possible armies composed of 23 units (pieces) and instead of spending hours defining irregular grid regions for the pieces to snap to, I figured players could shift a created piece using the keys to keep their player mats organized.

Isn’t this what Move Fixed Distance trait does?

Add 4 Move Fixed Distance traits, each with it’s own Keyboard Shorcut (UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT), each moving the piece in the desired direction by a desired distance and you should be set.