Move status help?

Perhaps because it is late and my brain isn’t working I can’t seem to figure this out.

I need to be able to mark moved units and remove the markers using a button, which is easy to do, but I need to do it by side.
So there would be a button that would remove all of Side A’s move markers but not Side B’s and vice versa.

I looked at the sample mod Tim M posted here that used dynamic properties to change text labels but I couldn’t seem to make that do what I wanted.

Is there a simple way to do this I’m just not seeing?



You can create two Global Key Command buttons that send the ‘Mark Moved’ command to your units that have the property strings

playerSide=side1 && Moved=true


playerSide=side2 && Moved=true


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Thanks Brent, that worked a treat.


I don’t want to create a new topic.

Is there a way to automatically trigger action e.g. flip piece (change Layer level) when token is moving? So as soon as Moved status becomes True action triggers.

I hope it’s clear.

Hi MiGlo,

In the Map component, at the bottom is a field ‘Key Command to apply to all units ending movement on this map’. Enter a Key Command and it will be sent to each unit that ends movement on that map. You can have that Key Command set off a Trigger Action to do any fancy stuff.


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Thanks a lot Brent!