Movement Counter and Stacking

Greetings Veteran VASSAL Designers,

I need your help. I have successfully designed a Vassal module, and am about to move to to a second game. However, I before I start, I need to know how to do something in particular.

The game I’m going to make a module for is Conquest by Donald Benge. In that game, the pieces can stack atop one another. For instance, the Soldiers can hop on the back of an Elephant.

One of the hard parts of playing the game in the real world is keeping track of both how many total moves you made on your turn, and how many moves each individual piece has made.

So, as far as the individual pieces, I thought I’d simply make layers that change as the piece moves.

But here’s the problem area:

Say a Soldier (which is limited to 2 moves per turn) mounts an Elephant (which is limited to 6 moved per turn). The Soldier should now be on the layer that says is has 1 move left. Then the Elephant wants to move away.

(In the module I already made, none of my pieces stacked, so I don’t understand stacking, so bear with me.)

First, can I move the whole stack as if it was one piece?

Second, if I can move it, how can I make the Elephant change layers to count its movement BUT have the Soldier not count movement and remain on the layer saying it has 1 move left. That way, after the Elephant finishes its move, the Soldier can hop off for its last move.

Any help would be appreciated, even if you can point me in the direction of a game module that uses stacking in similar ways.