movement reporting

I have a module where players can label their individual pieces in the game at the time of placement on the board (such as 101). The piece size does not allow for much more than 4 digits to be read easily. When the piece moves the report read something like
101 airborne moves from → to or whatever. It would be nice if the reporting feature (or the label when entered in the game) would allow the player to change the way the report read to 101st airborne moves… without my having to create every individual unit id in the game. I am aware of the ability to label the units with 1st, 12th etc but the space restraint on the counter prevents larger id’s and I really don’t want to resize units, mapboards, etc merely to accommodate.

If two entries is okay, you could have two dynamic properties in the prototype for each unit, both set to prompt user, only one with a menu command (the other’s menu command would be blank), both tied to the same key command. One would ask for the full reporting name, the other for the shown abbreviation. Then the label would have a blank menu command, text being the entered abbreviation dynamic property name (using $$), and the name format being the full reporting name dynamic property name (again using $$).

Hope that helps.