Movement trail appears differently between v3.6.4 and v3.6.5

In the Flying Colors module (v2.5) and related upcoming modules there is a special marker that tracks movement of the active ship. The display of this marker’s movement trail is not performing as expected in Vassal v3.6.5.

For example, these pictures show the expected result of a ship movement (in Vassal v3.6.4, but the same as in v3.5.8 also). and in the second picture, the same movement under Vassal v3.6.5.

v3.6.4 (as expected)
Kron Gustav Adolf

Kron. Gustav Adolf

Ignore the faintly visible movement trail in the second picture - that is the movement trail for the ship piece. The issue is the green dot piece and its movement trail. Something has changed in Vasssal v3.6.5 that is causing this movement trail to be abbreviated. Any ideas welcome.


It was caused by this change in v3.6.5:

11209: Global Options settings for … (b) Send-to-Location generating move trails.

I set the Global Option to “Always” and now the function works as before.

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