Movement Trail issues

I am having some trouble with the Movement Trail trait and rotating pieces. I can move a piece all over and the movement trail works fine, but as soon as I rotate the piece, whether by hotkey or menu, the trail vanishes. I want the trail to continue even after I rotate a piece. Any ideas?

I am working off the existing Close Action module. Will provide any other info requested, but I’m pretty new to VASSAL modding so I don’t really know what else would be helpful

Came across this post when I was looking to add a movement trail into Flying Colors and found that Rotating the pieces seemed to reset the movement trail, as described. Further testing leads me to think that the movement trail is not in fact, reset but that it appears only when the piece is in the standard “upright” position (routing back to this position restores the movement trail).

I have logged bug 14590 but meanwhile I developed a workaround by creating an invisible, non-rotating piece that follows the ship pieces around, leaving a movement trail.

If you put the “Movement Trail” below “Can Rotate” in the trait list for the piece it will continue to display when rotated.

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Thank you… I will experiment and see if I can do without the workaround.

GitHub problem link: Can Rotate trait turns movement trail off · Issue #10191 · vassalengine/vassal · GitHub Requested this closed as not a Vassal bug.