Movement Trails Question

v3.6.4 - I did a search and couldn’t find the answer - does the movement trail work WITHOUT an underlying hex grid? I have a module in which I just can’t get movement trails to work. No underlying grid BUT, even with an underlying grid, they just don’t work. I’ve tried moving the attribute around in the list and such, but still nothing. I can’t post the module, as it is a “close-hold” module not approved for public release. I may be able to share some screens if it would help, but if there is any reason movement trails may not work at the basic level, please assist.



Movement trails do work regardless of grids.

Do your pieces have the “mark when moved” trait? That is a requirement.

(As is the global option checked to mark pieces that move.)

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Yep. The movement trail trait is in the prototypes, and the activation keystroke is not used by any other traits. In fact, movement trail is selected to be active from the start. Weird stuff…

Do you have any Can Pivot or Can Rotate traits on the pieces? If so, the Movement Trail trait has to be below those in the trait list or it won’t work (and remember, all the traits in a prototype will be treated as being at the location of the prototype).