Moving starting location of pieces as expansions are added

Alright, so onto the next problem I’m encountering.

I have all my boards uploaded into Vassal, and I have a question about stopping a piece from auto placing.

In Firefly, when you play with just the base game, you start with a Reaver cutter up in the upper right corner of the board. When you add in the blue sun expansion, that single ship goes away, and instead you get three that start in the upper left corner. I can get the single ship to load fine, and when I add in the expansion, the three show up over in the left hand corner fine as well. But, the expansion still loads the single cutter on the right side. I’m sure it’s probably just a simple naming convention or something like that, but how can I make it so when it loads, it doesn’t load the one ship in the upper right corner when the expansion loads as well.