Moving using Trigger Action... what i'm doing wrong?

I’m getting mad with Trigger actions…

For my car racing game, I’ve defined:

  • a prototype with all the basic “pivots” (cars rotates around one of the back corners)
  • a prototype with all the basic “forward, straight moves”
  • a prototype of Bends (turns?) which are Trigger actions that do a Forward and a Pivot move in sequence.

I’ve placed all these prototypes in the Car prototype.

The problem is that the Trigger Action does not works as expected.

I’ll show you the difference:

This is what i get without the Trigger Action: when i do the “Bend” manually (so i do a Forward and then a Pivot) all works good. To analyze this problem i drop a counter for each Basic Move, so you can see that there’s an arrow for each forward, and a 30° arc fo each Pivot.
So, what it happens here is:
(FORWARD command)
Drop the “arrow”
(PIVOT command)
Drop the “arc”

You can also see the moves in the chat window.

Now, the Trigger Action in action :laughing:

As you see, is really different. The car does not Pivot, instead it Rotates of that amount of degrees (30). The “Arc” is dropped UNDER the arrows, aligned with the arrow tail.

Seems to me that what it happens here is:
Drop the “arrow”
ROTATE (not pivot)
Drop the “arc” (already rotated)

BUT: if i use the UNDO command once, then the car returns to its starting position, but PIVOTED, as if the Pivot move was executed before of the Forward (but this cannot be true, 'cause the cars advances in the right direction)…in the chat windows the sequence is the same, but seems to me that the actions (rotate, advance, drop) are not called in the right sequence…i’m realy puzzled.

It’s my fault, or a bug?

Help, please!!!