Multi-Action Button help (sound and text to chat window)

Need some help from the pro’s.

I have a Multi-action button (MAB) used to end a turn. Currently it clears moves and other layers that have been applied to pieces that turn. Works perfectly. What I’d like for it to also do is play a turn ending sound and then echo to the chat window “$PlayerName$ TURNOVER!”.

Button Names in the MAB that are pertinent to this are:


I have a GKC called TurnoverSound and TurnoverText. The key commands are ALT PERIOD and PlaySoundTurnover, respectively.

In trying to follow some examples given here, I’ve created an At-Start stack that has a single piece (Skull). For that piece, I’ve added a layer that is always active. I have the following in order below the layer:

Action Button: Turnover Text (ALT PERIOD)

Report Action: Turnover Text (report echos to the chat window on ALT PERIOD)

Action Button: TurnoverSound (Invokes PlaySoundTurnover)

Play Sound: PlaySoundTurnover (plays the .wav file)

If I click the MAB, there’s no turn ending text or sound played. If I select the Skull piece, then the text echos and the .wav plays.

How do I get the MAB to simulate the pressing of the Skull piece?

I think that I’m way overthinking this and probably have too much going on here and so I welcome any help offered!

I finally figured it out - the MAB wouldn’t trigger the GKC unless I had the Button Text and/or Tooltip Text filled in with the same values as the description. No idea why or how it’s working but it is now.