Multi Player moves

We are in a 4 person game of the Longest Day. Is there a way to set up the game so that both the US and British player can move at the same time. Right now only one piece can be activated and if more then one player clicks on a piece the map jumps to the piece location.


Unless the module designer specifically set the “Center on Opponent’s Move” setting to Always, you should be able to turn this off in your Preferences.

If they did specifically set it, you can create your own version of the mod by opening it in the editor, go into Global Options properties and change it to “Use Preference Settings”.

Thanks for the quick reply. We will try this on our session Monday night. So you say if we turn off this option both the US and the British will be able to move at the same time without the map jumping all over? If so great, we really owe you.