Multi-shape Zones?

I’m wondering how to deal with a Zone that ideally would consist of multiple shapes. The specific instance is how to include East Prussia, which is physically disconnected from Germany, when trying to define “Germany” as a Zone. The same thing applies to Sardinia and Italy etc. It seems that there is no way to draw more than one shape when defining the Zone. I’m guessing defining two zones with the same name would result in one definition superseding the other. Do I need to create two zones and use something like {CurrentZone=~“Germany|East Prussia”} for any expression or a single zone and {CurrentZone==“Germany”||LocationName==“East Prussia”}?

Two zones with-logical-tests would be a not-unreasonable way to go about it.

BUT, you could totally make a single zone with “long narrow tube” crossing Danzig, and if you put it in the right order in the zone list (i.e. AFTER Poland) then the part that intrudes through Poland will not register for any play purpose (Vassal will always “find” the first zone, in this case Poland, when it looks at any particular pixel).


No, Zones don’t work that way.

For finding units in Zones, Vassal just searches down the list of zones in order until it finds one that the piece is in. So for just reporting zone names, 2 separate zones will work fine. This will also work if you have Zone level properties containing information that is just read from, never set, just create the same named property in each zone with the same data in it.

Where you run into problems with 2 zones is if you want to use a Zone Level property that pieces in the zone will set values in. In this case, you would need to use Brian’s solution, which will work fine. The connecting ‘tube’ doesn’t even have to be that narrow, any part of it under other zones would be hidden by any zones that are both drawn over it AND defined in the Zone list before it.