Multilevel gaming

Now VASSAL to date has focused on replicating existing board games… and I think that is great. But I can see it also being able to do things that would be difficult if not impossible to do on a physical board game. And one of these features I would like to see is to support multilevel gaming. In a single level game if one zooms the map in, everything gets bigger. In a multilevel game when one zooms in the map, one goes into a higher level of game resolution… and not just all the pieces and map graphics are bigger. For example in a multilevel game if one is playing a the corp level with hexes say at 10-20 mile scale and zoom in and the pieces are mostly corps, one then enter the division scale, the scale changes (say 5-10 miles0 and the divisions are now visible, and the corps too are visible, but not as corps but as corp HQs.

If one moves a corps at the corps level, all the division (at the lower level) will move with it. But when one zooms down to the division level one then might have to define where those divisions are in the smaller hexes…though perhaps they default to the same patter they last were. At any rate I think this would (literally) add a new dimension to board gaming… and one that VASSAL could add but would be difficult to do in a non virtual environment.