Multiple board setup and multizoned grids.

I’m starting to make some tests creating a multiple board setup instead of a BIG board for Dungeon Twister, that will save a lot of space in the game module as the main board for basic game is already 1MB of the box… including bigger boards for other scenarios will cosume even more size.

So I’m trying to do another board composed by multiple 504x504 pixel boards with a zone defined, that zone have a rectangular grid defined inside… Ive attached to this message a sample module (not the regular one).

As soon as you try to create a new game (testing purposes) vassal crashes badly… have a look at it. I uploaded a “demo” here:

I think that is becouse every mini board in the layout has a region with a defined name… and tries to create N instances of it with just the same.
Maybe a way to work it around is create a new board for every instance of the miniboards with different zone names, that should not weight as it uses the same image… but all and all it’s a bug and vassal goes BANG ;)