Multiple Board Setup... Language configuration... buggy?

Hi, I have a couple quick reports of possible bugs to make:

  1. a window setup with multiple boards loses memory of how the rows/columns are organised; this loss is in the editor only (the window appears correctly) but it means one has to work the setup up all over again every time a change is needed;

  2. for some reason Vassal 3.0.17 starts up in Italian for me but if I try to switch back to English via “preferences” (or the Italian for it, rather) it does not switch back despite showing “english” as selected language. I did quit and restart but no go.


Could you please descibe the exact process you go through to duplicate this problem?

Can you check/try a couple of things for me:

  1. What is current regional setting on your machine (and which OS are you using).

  2. Can you try renaming your preferences file (in VASSAL directory c:/Doc & Sets//VASSAL on xp and firing up Vassal. This will create a new prefs file. What language do you get now? Put your old preferences file back when done.


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I have various map windows, the first is the main map window, called “Game Board”.

Inside it there are various map boards. When I double click on “Map Boards” I get to choose cell scale factor and the like. I didn’t change (I think) any of those. I pushed “Select default board setup” (or something to that effect… still only seeing the Italian for it at present, see issue n.2).

In the screen that appears I had defined (a year ago) a 4x4 matrix of boards which make up my actual game board. Since it is not possible to do colspans or rowspans, some of the cells I defined refer to bogus boards wihch are, say, 1 pixel wide and 200 pixels high, or viceversa.

My problem, and I think the bug, is that whatever arrangement I setup for the boards is understood and everything displays correct when testing a game, but the arrangement itself is lost when I go back to edit it again. In other words, the 4x4 array display correctly in test games but when I push the “Select default board setup” I only see one cell with “select board” displayed and I have to rework the arrangement out again from scratch should I need to make a change to any of the boards or to the arrangement of the boards itself.

In short, I have to write down on a piece of paper the arrangement I am happy with, just in case, otherwise I will have to work it all out again by trial and error if I forget about it the next time I want to do any changes.

I think with version 2.9 I had had some success having the editor remember and show the arrangement correctly, but I remember it was erratic even then. I tried yesterday firing up Vassal 2.9 in hope of checking the original arrangement of boards I had done but no luck, though.

  1. Well, this machine is running Windows XP Home Italian version.

  2. Ok, I did that. Got Vassal screen asking me to select language (and if I wanted a tour of Vassal). The default language was set to Italian. I switched it to English (which did not force a reload of the splash screen with buttons in English, though) and hit “Edita modulo”. The editor came up in Italian. Preferences show “italian”. I switched to “english”, quit, restart, still Italian.

BTW, the Italian translation is not particularly good and it is incomplete, let me know if you want help with it.


Comments below.


No, I don’t think the default board setup has ever done that. It always starts from scratch.

Ok, the fact that it started up in Italian is a good thing then :slight_smile:

Changing the preference does not change the language straight away, you have to quit and then restart Vassal. If it is still in Italian, check the preference setting again. Has it reverted to Italian again? If it has, then your preferences are not saving for some reason.

We’ve made a couple of changes in this are in the 3.1 beta (to be released Real Soon Now ™). Let’s see what happens with it.

That would be terrific, but please wait until the 3.1 beta is released and work on it.

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