Multiple card stacks from a single set of cards

Alas, but I was not able to find the answer, so I’ve decided to ask this question. Sorry if this is something obvious.

I’m creating a module for my own game and here’s what I cannot figure out:

  1. I have a set of cards which should be distributed among 6 different decks, randomly at the beginning of the game (best option is at-start, but manual clicking is fine too). Moreover, the amount of cards is 35, so distribution has to be uneven, if it matters.

  2. During the game new set of cards should be again distributed among these 6 decks whose content now should be reshuffled.

Please help!

  1. Set all six of your decks to “reshuffle always”
  2. At the start of the game you’ll want to send a global key command and tells ALL of your cards to go to a single deck. (send it to every card, and set to pick up “ALL” members of a deck).
  3. Now ALL of your cards are in a single deck, and when you tell some of them to be drawn to move to the other 5 decks, random ones will be selected. You can now send a series of Global Key Commands, one for each of the other 5 decks, that takes the correct “Fixed Amount” of cards and moves it to the other deck. They will be chosen randomly since you have your decks set to “always reshuffle”.

So in terms of how to issue those global key commands, you can make a “hidden” piece that sends them, or a “button” piece that sends them. Or you can activate them with a “Startup Global Key Command”.

Hope that gets you going in the right direction.


I forgot to say huge thank you for you reply.

However, it appeared I’m too dumb to apply this. As a workaround I have just set predefined set of cards per deck, since players will play it just once (the game will be used for my English classes) and will not notice that.

But thank you anyway! I bet someone else will find this helpful.

Ah, for that application I think you are going the right way – you could easily spend several hours getting just that reshuffling algorithm to work right the first time you try. For anyone undertaking it, I recommend the “go one step at a time” approach – first get e.g. one card to move one step of the way, then generalize and add additional steps a bit at a time…