Multiple Decks in one module?

Is it possible to have multiple card decks in a module? I’m trying to make one for the new Castle Ravenloft game and need several different card decks (monster, treasure, encounter, etc). I’ve got the first one going, but can’t get the others to display.

You can have as many decks as you want in a module.

Is the deck location for the new deck the same as the old one? If it is, then you’re covering up one deck with another.

It’s possible, but they both have different windows (maps), so I would think that I could select either and then drag them to wherever I needed them. As it is now, whichever one I open seems to open only the first one. I’ll see if changing the location helps.

If you still have problems with it, send it over and I’ll take a look at it.

Another thing that may be a problem. If you have the deck set as face down but you haven’t given the cards in the deck a mask, then there’s nothing for them to display when they are face down.

That wasn’t it either. I don’t think I’m explaining myself properly. I have two decks (A & B). I have A working fine, and B displays properly. When I add a card deck to B, it adds to A instead. I’d send it over to you, but it’s 13 megs (so far)…

This all started when I copied “A” and tried to change the pointers. I obviously missed something, but I have no idea what. I recall there used to be a tutorial on module building. Is that still around? I think I need to just do the second (and subsequent) decks from scratch, but I can’t recall how.

I found the tutorials again… (forgive me, it’s been awhile)

Ok. If you need to send it over, my E-mail is fine …or I have an anonymous upload site at

if you have an FTP client.

I figured it out. I was able to create all new decks for each of the card stacks. The tricky part will come next month when the expansion comes out and I have to figure out how to combine them again. :frowning:

how is it going on this mod I would love to play it