Multiple layers exclusive?

ok as previously stated, i am using a game piece for each hex on my map board to create a very dynamic and constantly changing board.

since the hexes will change frequently between the 4 elements (earth, air, fire, water) someone suggested i use a different layer for each element. is there a way i can make the layers mutually exclusive so that only one layer is ever active at a time?

if there isnt, i think i will stick to all one layer, is there a way i could jump to an immage in the layer while skipping others?

I’m not sure I understand the question as layers are mutually exclusive …the piece can only show one layer at a time …unless you’re using more than one layer trait. Set it up like this:

Give the piece a Dynamic Property trait. Call it something like Element.
Value = 1 (for earth)
is numeric
Range 1 to 4 (earth, air, fire water)
Key - Menu Command = Change element
Type = Prompt user
Prompt = Enter elemental code

Then give the piece a layer trait
Always Active
Level follows Property Value
Property = Element
Level 1 = 1

Image 1 = Earth graphic
Image 2 = Air graphic
Image 3 = Fire graphic
Image 4 = Water graphic

The layer displayed will be whatever the Element value is. The “Change Element” right-click menu command will allow a player to change it.

i believe i was told to use seperate layers which is what i was trying and why i wanted them mutualy exclusive.

thank you for the advice. I will have to mess around with it a bit more. the problem comes in that there are different concentrations of each element. so there would be light earth, heavy earth, light air, heavy air, etc.

it would work perfectly if i could make the layers mutually exclusive but if i cant i might just throw them all together, but i will mess around with the property trait.

quick question. since there are an inordinate amount of hexes, i hope this property trait is confined to each hex. ie i wont change one hex and have them all change correct?

You would probably want to give each hex a Dynamic Property trait as the value would belong to that hex but the layer trait and anything else that isn’t specific to a particular hex could be put in a Prototype. Once you’ve created one hex, you can use the CTRL C & V shortcuts for copy and paste and make as many hexes as you need pretty quickly.

well the hexes are already created and used at start stack to put them all in place. ugh lol. lot of work to change them all.