Multiple Maps - what is the trick?

Is there a formula to designing a module with multiple maps (ala VASL) and getting the hexes to line up? I’m thinking there must be a relationship between the size of the maps pixels and the pixel sizes of the hexes. I’m struggling to get these to line up, and can only do it after much trial and error moving the hexes around.

I’m wondering if there’s a formula for the relationship between hex size and map size pixels. If there is it would make lining up maps much easier.

I’m playing around with a module that would allow a player to play just part of a larger map or an entire strategic size map. I thought this way you could have a choice… as in playing WWI West or East fronts for example…

Anyway… thanks for the help thus far… really digging the forum. :stuck_out_tongue:

I first make one huge map in Photoshop (or whatever image editing software you use). Line up the hexes in there and make sure everything looks neat, then crop the huge map so it’s a perfect rectangle. Then you can split it up into as many slices you need. Make sure each slice is exactly the same height and width.

So in summay, make one huge map first. Square it up, crop, resize as needed. When you’re happy, split it evenly, you’ll then find everything lines up nicely in your module.

Hope that helps.


That sounds incredibly simple…I think I did that and things lined up, but then I moved the hexes on one of the maps, and not the other…duh. Okay, but thta clarifies things.

Thanks. :smiley: