Multiple plAyers on 1 PC

I’ve never used vassal but I’m considering it for one of the games I play with some friends. I’m wondering if it can support multiple players one one PC. Situation would be, for example, 3 players at their own home and then 3 players at one location, on one computer. Is this possible?


Depends on the game. You can certainly play a game on one PC by just switching playersides for each player’s turn but in some games, players may have private windows, which would be visible to everyone, or you may have a game where a player can react to things other players do and you might drive yourselves crazy constantly switching playersides.

Without question you can do what you’re asking about, with any vassal module I’ve ever seen or can imagine. As the previous poster indicates, depending on the game and the way its module is designed, you will have to find workarounds to problems like hidden information and switching seats, but none of that will be overly complicated.

You will want to make sure that you start and save the game either with no password, or with one generic username and password, unless you want to be manually changing that on screen every time you switch sides.

In the upper left hand region of most, if not all, vassal modules is a button labeled “retire.” When you click that, you are logged out of the game on your side, and given the option to re-enter the game as another side.