Multiple players on a single machine for an online game ?

Hi everybody !

My question is kind of simple yet unusual !

According to you, is it possible to run several instances of Vassal on the same machine to allow two (or more) players to play a game online with each of them having their own interface ?

Up til now, the only way I found to get through this is to use the retire option and to swap player side, which can turn to be rather annoying with some games.

I know this is not very useful for most of you, but playing online with two players on the same machine along with other friends on the server si an important issue to me.

cheers !


You can make copies of the module and open all those copies of the same module in VASSAL at the same time. Each player can then have their own instance of the module on the same computer.

Memoir44vX 2.vmod
Memoir44vX 3.vmod
Also remember to make copies of the _ext folder, if any.

Since all those modules will share the same username/password settings, you will need to have all instances open first, and then change each instance for each player. The last settings you enter will be written to the settings file, and used the next time you launch another instance of the module. It should work as long as you keep them all open.

That’s a great deal of help !

Thank you so much, I’m gonna try this soon. Just have to look now how to change the settings. Should be one click away.

cheers !