Multiple selection of pieces in the module design interface


I did search, and sorry if this is a silly question.

Is there a way to select multiple cards in a deck, or pieces in panel to copy / paste them, for example ?

I am trying to move all cards from a deck to a panel. Copy/pasting individual ones work, but seems longuer to do that it should be.

Thanks !


Unfortunately, using the editor, you can only do a single entry at a time. Theoretically, you could move multiples at once by directly editing the buildFile within the .vmod, but you have to be very careful not to mess up the formatting in any way or you could destroy the module.

You can copy the whole deck, then delete the elements you don’t want to keep.
Thats what I do bulk troubleshooting, using a copy of the deck on a hidden board - then I start my troubleshooting game.

Thank you for your help ! Though when I copy a Deck, I cannot paste it in the Panel (the “paste” right-click item is greyed out).

I may have not understood what you meant by a panel.
When you copy an element from the hierarchy tree, you can only paste it at a similar parent level.
So if you have a map window with a deck with cards, the map is branch level 1, the deck is branch lvl 2 and the cards are branch lvl 3.
Card can be copied individually to any deck.They can alos be copied individually to a Game Piece Palatte, in a panel for example.
Deck can only be copied to a map. You need to right click on the map (same or another) to paste.

In fact, as there is no option to create a deck in a Game Piece Palette, at root level or at Panel level, you can’t obviously paste de the deck there.

As suggested by jrwatts, you may need some day to edit the buildfile to do some bulk modifications.
It’s not that hard … you just need to leave the comfort of the graphical interface, and use a text editor.
As we deal with XML syntax, you would not be able to destroy that much :slight_smile:.

But, now that I think about it … why do you want to copy all the cards from a deck to a panel ? Deck cards are individual disctinct elements. If you place them in a Game Piece Palette panel, you would allow users to create unlimited copies of the same card !
There may be a misunderstanding of the use case here. Can you detail your needs ?

Ah, I saw your other topic in the same forum. Forget my last comment. I see what you try to do.

Thanks ! Yes, I should probably go the way of the buildfile at some point. My first tries were not successful, as I am having difficulties keeping the vmod file recognized by Vassal. This maybe a Mac issue which I have not looked into seriously – and anyway probably for another topic.

As an addendum to all this, I managed to work with the buildfile and indeed it makes my life much easier. With a bit of care, I could do everything I wanted.

In Mac, you need to create the archive from the folder content. Not from the parent folder. Classic error we were all comfronted too at first :slight_smile: