Mystery duplicate game pieces in 3.6.4

Several mystery game pieces have suddenly appeared on my Main Map at coordinates (0,0) at module startup. They are duplicates of unique game pieces. The original pieces are still in their normal starting locations. There are 5 pieces in total and as of yet, I’m not sure why just these pieces are duplicated as opposed to hundreds of others… This is a 3.4.13 module that runs fine in 3.4.13. I did not see this issue in 3.5.x. I also saved the module to 3.6.4 and the problem still exists.

Mystery pieces at map edge in 3.6.4

Nothing at map edges in 3.4.13

What’s the earliest 3.6 release where the problem occurs?

I just checked 3.6.0 and it already appears. Should I try the betas as well?

If you would, yes. Finding the first version where the problem occurs cuts down the search space dramatically for us.

It first happens in 3.6.0 beta 6.

I’ve been giving this issue a bit of thought to try to find some commonality between these 5 mystery pieces and why they are being duplicated. It turns out that all 5 of these pieces have a Global Key Command trait. My guess is that something at startup is causing that GKC to fire and a weird non-functional duplicate copy of the piece is being created if it meets some unknown criteria…

Could this possibly relate to Refresh Counters?

See my post on refresh counters doing odd stuff

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I never use Refresh Counters.

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How do you manage counters that have been changed such as an extra trait added or amended?

If each game starts fresh, no preset scenarios, then Refresh Counters is not needed by the module developer.

Indeed. Would that be true for my modules. Players suggest improvements or additions. We also detect some counter flaws from time to time that need to be corrected. My modules cover the WW2 game, world in flames. Over 10,000 counters, each game can take over a year to play, particularly if you play 1 night per week. Thus the need to run refresh counters. You are indeed lucky to avoid that.


Cattlesquat found the offending code and resolved the issue. The fix should be included in 3.6.5.

In the meantime, if anyone else encounters this issue, I found that for each duplicated piece, creating a new piece, copying and pasting its trait into that new piece, then deleting the original piece fixes the problem. Note that copying and pasting the entire piece did not work - as it inherited the corrupt piece slot info that was creating the duplicate piece.