NADA EVENT: Division 25 Duel Feb 22nd

NADA EVENT: Division 25 Duel Feb 22nd

Event: Death Racing

NADA Will be hosting a Division 25 Event at the Urban Chaos Arena.

Event will start at 1900EST (2030 my time) but can be adjusted It can even be a late night event too for those on the west coast.

This event will be a good ole fashion, blast the crap out of the other person event with a twist :slight_smile:

I am hoping to have enough drivers for WADA results. But a max of 8 will be accepted, if more, event will be split into two groups.

Anything goes (standard AADA Regs), but only the standard vehicles will be used, so no trikes or bikes. this time

You may have 30 points to spend on driver and gunner skills.

*There will be some design restrictions for this event.
Cars must have a min top speed of 100mph. (rocket boosters, etc do not count)
Cars must have a Roll Cage and Safety Seat.
Driver only.

To help encourage high speed madness. Points will be scored for high speed driving.

It will be as follows

A person will get 1 point every for every full 5 phases they are “above” 100mph

so, if you are going 105 mph for 15 full phases, then you get 3 points!

But, if you drop down too 100 or less, then you must start all over again!

Points will be scored with kills as well.

3 points per kill (firepower,mobility)
5 points for a total kill (killing driver)

The winner will be the person who has the most points and their car is “not” killed at the end of the event.

If all cars are killed, person with the most points will win. But you must still be alive to win

If all drivers are killed, win will be awarded to driver who had the highest score.

Feel free to design your own car or pick from the NADA stock car list it will be provided

Event will last for 4 hours, and will be called at the end.

If you are interested, please feel free and let me know.


Hey Everyone…

I have 5 drivers so far…

  1. ShotGun Jolly
  2. Glenn Jupp
  3. Steve Smash
  4. Bierwulf
  5. S.C.R.A.P.

with the chance of 2 more people. Let me know, spots are filling up.


we had 7 booked to play, but 3 had to cancel, two just before it started. But we still had a good game.

Event (Please specify if duel or race.): Division 25 Speed Duel

Date (Month and Day): Feb 22nd 2008

Location (City, State/Province, Convention): Vassal

Duelmaster/Racemaster (Name and E-Mail Address): JC Locke

Host Gaming Group (Name, E-Mail Address, Web Address): NADA

Division/Budget: Division 25

Arena Name: Urban Chaos

Total Number of Players: 4

Tournament Round/Level (This value is considered 1 for gaming group and demonstration autoduels.): 1

Special Rules (teams, off-road, ice, only one type of vehicle frame used, etc.):

All cars needed to have a min top speed of 100MPH
All Cars needed roll cages and Safety seats installed

1 point for mobility kill
1 point for fire power kill
5 points for total/complete kill
All drivers got 1 point for every 5 phases spent over 100MPH


  1. Bierwulf: 5 points, no kills “NADA”
  2. Raymond Rappaport 10 pts (2 complete kills) “SCRAP” Died
  3. JC “ShotGun” Locke 5 pts (1 complete kill) “NADA” died
  4. Glenn Jupp 0 points, “NADA”, Died

Event: Drivers got bonus points for driving very fast in the crowded city streets, while trying very hard to kill the others.

Bierwulf, had the speed advantage early and stayed clear of the rest of the drivers, while 3 others built up slow and steady speeds. (he got 5 points for being above 100mph for 5 full seconds)

The end of the event came when the two dedicated ram cars went head on at a speed of 190 MPH!!

Both drivers were killed on impact… leaving the little speedy Bierwulf the win :slight_smile:

Sounds like it was a RIOT! Sorry I missed it (I knew it was on, but couldn’t devote the time).