<Name> in Rotation what is it exacly

Can Rotate:

_Facing: The Current Facing number (1, 2, etc.) for the Can Rotate trait .
_Degrees: The Current Degrees of rotation for the Can Rotate trait .

So if I wanted to take a rotation of a piece and place it in a global variable how would I reference it?

I’ve tried the basicname and it does not work, I’ve tried Rotation_Facing and it does not work.

What am I missing?

Whatever name you choose to give here. In this example, the properties become:


Wow it’s amazing the things you gloss over module after module then you see this LOL! Thanks! Reading is fundamental! :wink:

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So I applied Linemen1Direction to the Rotator name

Then set a global variable of value Linemen1DegreePosition==$Linemen1Direction_Facing$

But when I reference the variable in a Global Key Command it always shows a zero value, like it is not being passed.




Are you confusing Calculated Property with Global Property?

I think that you need to look at the Set Global Property trait,

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Yeah, that Calculated Property screenshot looks all wrong. You haven’t given it a name, and the expression you put in probably always evaluates to logical true, if anything.

Also, _Facing will not hold a value in degrees, but rather the number for the current facing (since you have 60 facings, it will be in the range 1 to 60).

Ok I replaced the calulations with a set Global

The right and left keys are used to change the facing of the unit 6 degrees, however when I use the above and move back and forth facing wise the numbers are off, bug or stupid vassal module maker? :frowning:

Since the units are facing to the left I assign 270 to the degrees to start, but the first number is much different.

What is zero degrees facing? I would think it would be straight up.