Napoleon last battles

Looking for an opponent for Napoleon Last Battles. Both campaign or single scenario.

Hi, Saw your posting about Naps last battles. An old favourite and happy to play if you’re still interested.


Same here. I recently played two-thirds of a game and I’d like to actually play an entire game. I’ve had the game for decades and never played a game to completion. If either of you want to start a game, I’d be happy to set it up again.

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Hello, I would like play Napoleon Last battles.

Do you know the game?

Yes I bought it and it played twice on board a long time ago. I have to read again the rules.

I have the original version too. When I played it on VASSAL recently, we used the Fourth Edition rules, with a number of Optional rules. I think the game is better that way. I can send you the 4th edition rules if you don’t have them and you can see what they’re like.

Yes thank you. My e-mail is :
I already play PanzerGruppe Guderian on Vassal.

Are these the fourth edition rules?

I’ve not seen those before. Those look like a home-grown set of rules for a variety of Napoleonic games. I can send you the 4th Ed rules I have if you give me an email address.