Napoleonic 20 Afternoon or late night PST

These are the ones I own
Austerlitz (Seems Balanced with historical scenario)
Borodino (Seems Balanced)
Bussaco (have not played)
Dennewitz (Seems Impossible for French)
Dresden (have not played much)
Jenna (won’t play for some reason large red hex numbers when I open it very ugly)
Grossbeeren (Seems Impossible for French)
Waterloo (have not played much)

Will use optional rules except FOW though I have not used them in the past.

I’ m good to play 2p to 4p most days. 10p to early morning S,M,T,W.

New to Vassal and no Skype yet (no Mike)toy budget burned till middle of month .

Update: I have mike and Skype running now. And am free some Thursday and Friday nights starting at 8:30p

Hi, I would be interested to play. Waterloo, Dresden, Jena, Borodino, Austerlitz.
Where are you from (Time Zone)? I am located in Berlin. For me Thursday or Friday late night is perfect. After 9 pm.

I have sent you a Private Message.

I’ll have to check this game out :slight_smile:

Very good fast little games. Plays in just 1.5 hours usually. You can find them all under “Products” at Victory Point Games scroll to the lower part of the page to find the VASSAL Modules for each one.