Need Help Creating A Deck

Okay, so I am fairly new to creating Vassal Modules.

I have got quite a bit done on my module so far. I don’t have a problem creating a single deck and adding cards. But in the game I am making each side has a 40 card deck and 4 of them are special cards that have to be placed in a stack of 10 cards,then shuffled. So essentially I need to be able to create 4 stacks of 10 cards and then be able to without the player knowing what the 4 specials cards are place one of the special cards into each stack of 10 cards, shuffle it, and then place each stack of 10 cards on top of one another to create the main Play Deck. (Andean Abyss has this in its game and I went to the Edit of that game to set up my Deck Preparation area like they did, but mine does not work like the Andean Abyss one does).

(Also I have tried to just simply create multiple decks in one window and it is not working for me, the decks end up occupying the same space no matter what X and Y cordinates I give them.)

Let me know if anyone has a simple fix or a cheat sheet.



Well, the multiple decks in another window should work. Not sure what you are doing wrong there. Would have to see the module. You would need to create a Map Window, have 4 stacks of 10 cards for each player. Then have a pile with your special cards. The players could drag and drop these card onto their stacks, give them an option to shuffle the deck, then create a right menu shortcut to send the deck to another deck. Just make sure to not activate the mouse-over stack viewer and the players won’t know what cards they are. If you need help, I can assist.