need help showing cards on new module

Hello all,

I have nearly completed a module for a Battlestar Galactica game based on the Memoir 44 engine by Richard Borg.

However, I am having a bit of a glitch.

Each player has a separate board for their deck of command cards that only they can see. I want them to be able to move a card from this board to the main map so the other player can see what card they are playing. Right now, they can move the card to the main board, but the other player cannot see it.

Any ideas how to fix that would be much appreciated. (I can send the module if you need to look at it, but can’t attach it to this message because it is too big.)


You need to reveal the card as it is placed on the main map

See … :card_mask

on how to implement this

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Thanks for the help, and esp. so fast.

However, before I try implementing this, I want to make sure it’s the right fix.

When I move a card to the main board, on the owners screen it appears face up and readable…but on the opponent’s board it does not appear at all. It is not there in its masked state. So will this fix work?


I tried the fix you suggested above, but it did not work. The cards are still invisible to the opponent.

Any other ideas?

Need to see the module.

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You have a parameter in [Global Option] ! Allow non owners to unmask cards.
To grant a reveal action from other put it to ‘Always’ …

Or use a trigger which makes an automatic reveal when a pieces is moved:

Condition : CurrentBoard=the board you use && ObscuredToOthers=true
Fire ! CTRL M (default mask key)

I hope that it will help you…

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On 30/05/2009 at 12:17 PM DethBob wrote:

Sounds like your opponent is not ‘Synchronizing’ with the game.


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Fixed and returned (wasn’t a synch issue) Mask was not being utilized

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