Need help with 2 things - wounds/healing & stacks

Working on a game module and I think I’m about 90% of the way done with the core of this module I’m developing for game testing, there’s just 2 things that remain which I’m stuck on and I’ve searched for several days but no luck.

  1. It’s a card based game and I’m wanting to use markers for wounds & healing on the character cards. I set up wound markers and you can place these on the character, one at a time. But when I hit “delete” it removes ALL of the markers, when I want the players to be able to remove 1 marker at a time since healing abilities in the game won’t act this way. Is there any way to do this without bothering with several different images? Or do I have to do separate pictures of “1 wound token”, “2 wounds token” “3 wounds token” etc?

  2. I need cards to stack together as attachments are played on characters. But instead of stacking upward, I want the stack to move left. Where and how do I adjust that option on the game pieces? Or is there a command I should use to say “attach” and stack the cards properly?

Thanks for your help - and thanks to the other vassal modders who I’ve downloaded and ripped off to help develop this.