Need Help With SWMinis.mod With Newest Version Of Vassal

Hello everyone, names Bobby & i just upgraded my Vassal. I had the very first version & now i just got the newest version today & when i load it up & go to open my SWMinis.mod a pop-up containing this appears:

[b]Maximum Heap Size Too Large

The mazimum heap size stored in your preferences for this module is too large. In particular, the maximum heap size must be less than the amount of physical RAM in your machine. The failsafe initial heap size of 128MB will be used instead. Please decrease the maximum heap size in your Preferences, and restart Vassal [/b]

Now i have no idea what this is, & when i do start-up, its taking me back to the 1st version of vassal again, so if anyone knows how i can fix this problem, i would really appreciate it. Thank you in advance so much…