Need help with "When selecting, sort cards by [ ]

During my game, players collect tokens of 5 different colors. It’s very frequent that they need to look at the number and type of tokens collected so far.

I set up the tokens thusly. Each color is a separate deck of cards on the Main Board. When gaining tokens, a player drags the correct number to their own personal board, to a deck called Token pile. So that players may inspect their Token pile at any time, I included the option to Allow Specific Cards to be Drawn.

What I can’t seem to get working is to have the list of tokens organized by color, when the player opens the Draw Specific Cards dialog. Nothing that I have tried in the editor under ‘When selecting, sort cards by [ ]’ seems to have an effect.

To clarify in example:


  1. Player draws these cards to the deck on his board in this order. Blue, Red, Blue, Red.
  2. Player right clicks his deck, selects Draw Specific Cards.

Blue, Red, Blue, Red.

Red, Red, Blue, Blue.

Thanks in advance.