needed feature missing in 1981 A and Allies-and a suggestion

We were playing a 2 person PBEM game and saw that there appeared to be no real dice to roll for strategic bombing. The rules say we need to roll a 1d6 to determine how much is lost on a successful strategic bombing attack. There is no real ‘die’ roller for this. Not a big deal, but wanted you to know.

Secondly, a suggestion. The quick keys are nice for use on the battle board, but like many others out there, when playing the board game in the past, that brown battlebord simply got tossed away and we just used the main board to fight on. If I am not mistaken, to get rid of a dead piece now, you need to make 3 clicks or three seperate quick key actions. Could this be streamlined so the person not using the battleboard can just make 1 click and the dead piece is gone from the board?

Thanks for listening and awaiting comments!

Whoops, an oversight. I will definitely add a mechanism for doing this. (Strategic bombing must not be very popular; never caught this lack in playtesting.)

Good suggestion. An easy fix, too. I can see how experienced players might want to avoid the battleboard when possible, particularly when the battle is small, or even when shooting down strategic bombers:) I do like the simplicity of the current piece menus, but this would speed game play slightly by not having to transfer pieces offboard for smaller, quicker battles.

thanks…and if you need a pbem game on your roster, let me know