Needed: test scenarios for new HexGridNumbering

I have just completed a rewrite of the HexGridNumbering component, providing these features:
Complete support of Oblique Numbering;
Proper hexagon-shaped pick zones for hexes, instead of rectangles and
Code that is much cleaner and more efficient.

I would like to ensure that no modules have theri numbering messed up with this change. To that end, I am soliciting the module-developer community to provide me with a sample of good test cases. Since I will clearly have to download and run your module, this is also an opportunity to try and sell me on your favourite game ;-)

To qualify as a test case, I request that you submit one response per module, and in your response enclose the following information (or attach a screen shot of the HexGridNumbering dialog):
Module Name;
Sideways Grid;
H-Descending Yes/No;
V-Descending Yes/No;
for rectangular grids: Stagger Yes/No; and
For oblique grids: NW_SE or NE_SW.

Thank you in advance for your assistance. As there are 32 possible combinations above (2 ^ 5), I will probably only look at the first one or two modules that match each combination, unless I encounter issues that require deeper analysis.