Nested GetProperty in Text Label

So I tried to define a Prototype with a Text label. For the text I wanted the value of a global property. But I wanted the flexibility to define the global property in a global property. I have previously used ideas achingly close to this with success, so I am puzzled by what followed.

So in the text of the TextLabel I had


However everytime I tried to click “OK”, the module editor would hang. I am quite puzzled by this.

Try putting that all in a Calculated Property trait and then $dollarsign$ it into the Text label.

It works. Of course it works. Thanks very much.

Still, it raises the question. Should this really be happening? Should it be possible to cause the editor to hang this way?

I don’t think of Beanshell expressions as being supported in text fields i.e. fields that don’t have “expression builder” button and don’t explicitly call for expressions.

But no, it shouldn’t be happening. :slight_smile: