Nested $ in a report?

I’m trying to create a universal Prototype for an action button. The idea is to quickly create buttons with just that one Prototype and a couple of easily edited Markers, let’s call them “Attribute” and “Action”, which get evaluated within the Prototype. For instance, to create a button that adds hit points I’d assign:

Attribute=“the weather”

Everything is working except I cannot figure out how to format the report to state: “John Doe changes the weather to rain.”

$PlayerName$ $Action$ the $Attribute$ to <???>. “rain” is the value of the Global Property “the weather”.

I’ve tried many permutations and combinations of $Attribute$ using {}, (), and GetProperty. Is it possible to report the value of a Global Property that has a variable name?

You can’t double-indirect with $, but you CAN put a Calculated Property trait (e.g. “Result”) in your prototype, and have its expression be e.g. GetProperty(Attribute).

Ah makes sense. Didn’t think of doing it that way!