Net dice?


I’ve seen a couple modules that link to dice servers. I can’t figure out how that is done. Can anyone tell me how to do it?


Previous versions of VASSAL had an “Internet Dice Button” component, which used a third-party web site to generate dice rolls. However, a policy change at the site stopped this component from working, so it isn’t available any more. We have plans to implement our own dice server in the future, but not the immediate future.


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Too bad. :frowning:

Interesting, because I have used it with the Panzer Leader/Panzer Blitz mod and it works perfectly.

I, for one, hope you get it up and going sooner rather than later. But I’m a patient man. :slight_smile:

Thus spake “Rodney Kinney”:

Um, Rodney, the dice server is substantially done—has been for over
a year—and finishing it and the interface to it is on my plate for
3.2. We need to release 3.1 first (which I’ll get back to on Saturday
once I’m not stuck in the middle of nowhere on a dialup connection)
but I expect this will happen during 2008 sometime. So this is not
immanent, but it’s next on my list.


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At some stage, when you have time, I would like to review the structure of your Dice Server with you, especially with respect to verifiability of prior rolls in log files. I remember we ran into issues last time.


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