New Bug Found?

Hello, first time forum user. After updating to Vassal 3.5.4 and loading a C&C Napoleonics Spanish scenario I found the Command Card deck and lettering to disappear once the 90 card option was selected and the same for the Tactical deck. Selecting the undo arrow brought the decks back only to have them disappear again. Since then I have loaded a Tricorne Jacobite Rising game which played normally.

I use an HP Pavilion All-In-One Desktop running Windows 10 64 bit with 12GM of memory, an AMD Radeon R7 video card and Java version 8. Vassal is 3.5.4, Napoleonics version 3.42.
Gary Duden

Hi Garwic,

Yes, unfortunately a bug crept into v3.5.4 that prevents deck selection in C&C Nap. The dev team have a fix in place for v3.5.5.
I suggest using v3.5.3 or earlier if you want to use C&CN in the meantime.


Thank you Mark, I will go back to Vassal 3.5.3 until I hear otherwise.

3.5.5 has been released, so you may want to try that now.