New Eclipse?

I keep seeing someone play "Eclipse RotA & mini expansions. But I can’t find it in the liblary - only basic version

A module doesn’t HAVE to be downloadable from here, to be played on the server;
All that’s needed, is that all parties, have a copy of the same vmod file.
So it could be something they wrote themselves, and haven’t uploaded;
Or even something they’re still beta-testing.

Can anyone please tell me, where do you put reaction tokens when you play them, i can’t find the reaction card where you can put the tokens, i found the card in card summary section, but cant put anything on that? Everything else i have found, so i assume i have missed it somehow.


I have covered most of the expansion features and further developed some game mechanics. However, I cannot publish anything without explicit permission so it’s strictly for private pleasure at the moment. I have contacted the creator, but I haven’t received any feedback yet.

I have received the permission from Sampo Sikiö and to publish the version with Extensions.

In addition to the official extensions, I have modified and further developed some of the game mechanics. Module page and the module have been saved on the server and they are waiting for approval.

I hope you will enjoy the game as much as myself and our test group. Picture quality is less than perfect as we did not have access to original art work. This means that some of the images have been scanned from actual board game pieces.

Extensions covered are:

  • Rise of the Ancients
  • Shadow of the Rift
  • Black Hole
  • Nebule
  • Pulsar
  • Ship Pack One
  • Supernova 2

Check your email. You need to add your stuff to the existing page

Ok, I haven’t receive any e-mails from this site. Did you delete all the text or can I somehow retrieve it?

Sorry folks, I don’t think I will be able to deliver the module any time soon due to time constraints.


The module is now available under the right heading. Hope you will enjoy it!