New feature for AH Flat Top module requested

Hello all.
I just realized I had originally posted this in the Vassal engine feature request section instead of here in the Module Support, so here it is again.

I am game mastering a PBEM Flat Top game and I have to wonder why a Game Master option was never added to this excellent module. As the GM my only real choice when I receive the turn files is to open them as an observer, but that doesn’t allow me to see any of the hidden cards like the air and ship formations. It doesn’t allow me to select, move and delete the players’ units to reflect combat occurrences. We have started to work through this by the players sending a lot of descriptive text or a jpeg of the cards with their turns but it would just make sense that there be a GM mode like the Pacific War module where I could have access to everything I need to see. What do you think?


Most probably because such a feature could be abused in a two-player game without GM to cheat. Without having seen the module, I imagine it would not be difficult to add a GM player, simply adding a side to the relevant items in the editor.

Would this be operator level maintenance or something the designer would have to do? Obviously I don’t know much about module design.

I had a look at the module v3.0b1 and it already has a referee side. You don’t see this side when you start one of the pre-made scenarios because they were probably not updated for the new version. If you start a new game with New Game you can set up the scenario manually and have a referee player.