New Features in the future versions?

I’ve begun to run into a problem with a new RPG module I’m considering. I really need to do arithmetic between properties on different pieces. For example, the weapon reach of character is dependent on the character’s height and the weapon he is holding. This then determines the length of the area of effect for the weapon. The area of effect depends on the characters facing, the tactic chosen (which determines the length and starting point of the sweep arc.) The combination of all these then determines the layer need to display the weapon swing arc (through time.)

A character action selects then sets values and times for various action cards (3 for each character, left hand, right hand, and legs), which are added to a deck. As the turn progresses, the action cards are selected by their turn value and returned to play. (I am using the deck as a time queue, that then determines actions occuring at a given time.) The insertion of action cards into the the deck will “cost” a character fatigue points.

The point being, various pieces will be affecting other pieces mathematically. Though it would be possible to implement this action with many, many triggers, is there or will there be a way to be able to use calculations based on various properties of different pieces. Can someone tell me where to find the documentation on named triggers and the new features coming out in Vassal?