New game feature is no longer available

What happened to the ability to create a new game/scenario from scratch. If you don’t have a pre-defined setup or a saved game file to load you’re out of luck? It used to be if you had no pre-defined set up with your game, players had the option to select ‘new game’. That is no longer an option?

That is entirely dependent on the Module Designer. To have a ‘New Game’ option that creates a new game from scratch, the designer needs to add a ‘Pre-defined Setup’ component that has neither of the Parent Menu?’ or ‘Use pre-defined file?’ options checked.

That becomes an issue in older modules that the player has no saved games

Are you saying this has changed? If so, in what version?

I have 3.4.12 on one computer that has no issue with it. I recently had to download and run 3.5.3 (on a different computer, both windows 10 64 bit) and the issue became immediately apparent. I don’t particularly mind having to sign in to every module to play, but not being able to set up a new blank game (scenario) is an issue.

Could you provide a link to the module please?

I too have had the same problem with SpaceCorp in 3.5.3 and 3.5.4. Also occurred with WestWall module. Tired Mukden module and it didn’t seem to have the same problem.

I tried playing around with 3.5.3. In SpaceCorp it seems to enlarge the opening screen so large that most of it is obscured offscreen on a two monitor system. by hitting scroll down keys I was able to finally enter a new game. What is making it blow up the screens so large?

I loaded SpaceCorp 1.3 in the development build for 3.5.5. “New Game” is in the File menu, and it appears to start a new game when I select it. It’s the same for me in 3.5.4.

We need more details about what exactly you’re seeing. Possibly a screenshot, with an explanation of what you expect to see but do not?