New Game Wizard asking for Side Twice?

I’ve noticed that just recently (I think since v3.1.9 or v3.1.10 that Vassal now asks for the side to join twice.

Once with the main new game wizard, and then after hitting “Finish”, it asks again with what seems to be a mini-wizard that asks only for the side.

At least it exhibits this behavior in the Mac version.
Vassal 3.1.11
Mac Intel OS X 10.5.8
Java 1.5

I have heard of another report of this recently, but this is certainly not happening for all users.

Is this just a Mac issue? Has anyone else seen this problem?


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On 5/10/2009 at 11:30 AM tar wrote:

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I have seen it on windows, but its very sporadic / extremely rare when I see
it occur. I have yet to be able to duplicate it immediately after seeing it
happen by reloading/starting

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On Oct 5, 2009, at 1:34 PM, Brent Easton wrote:

Don’t know about the Mac only, but here is a module that exhibits the
problem for me on a Mac:

Downtown v. 3.12 … page=Files

Here is what I do:

  • Start a game.
  • Enter user information (first time only)
  • Leave side chosen as “observer”
  • Choose map “Vietnam” (although it doesn’t matter)
    !> Then I’m prompted for side again.

This is completely repeatable for me with the Mac system.

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Thus spake Thomas Russ:

Unless this problem is very shallow or not in one of the wizard classes, I
don’t recommend spending a lot of time trying to correct it. It’s not a
show-stopper and I’ve already started writing replacement code for the
wizards for 3.2.


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I’ve seen it a couple times on Windows, but it’s been very sporadic and not
reproducible. I was working on a module for The Hell of Stalingrad when it
occurred the last time. I’m still using 3.1.9 so it goes back at least that

I chalked it up to a local system glitch until I saw that others were seeing
the same problem.


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