[NEW] Gizmology

I just created a new module for Vassal based on a game that I designed.

It’s not fully fleshed out, but it’s working and it has rules so I figured I’d let some people playtest it and give feedback both on the game itself as well as the module.

I have a Print and Play version available here: imgur.com/a/n8bxQ

And a link to the Module page here: vassalengine.org/wiki/Module:Gizmology

I’ll keep an eye on this thread if you want to respond here, or you can PM me any thoughts on the game.


It looks like a pretty neat game, congratulations on that by the way.

But I’ve looked over the rules a couple times, and I can’t understand well what the rows and collums are. Along with holding and playing gadgets and gizmos, the rules just aren’t very clear on how that works.

I’d really like to try it if you could clarify that up a bit for me, thanks. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I have to work on the rules a lot more.

Did the visual guide help at all?

Phase 1 is the invention round.
Phase 2 is the innovation round.

Rows and Columns are for the innovation round. You choose a row, then a column then that’s where they meet.

So if you choose row 1 and column 1 then the square you innovate is the very first square in the top row.

In vassal, you can’t hold the cubes in your hand so I let you hold 4 cubes in the player hand window and let you change them accordingly. For the invention phase you can change 1 cube per round by increasing or decreasing. Change 1 to a gizmo or gadget then the rest to X’s to signify they aren’t being chosen.

Next you place them in the square on the field and you can count out in a chat program or in the chat window in Vassal to all reveal at the same time.

You return the X’s to your hand and do the same thing with 1 less square. The Gizmo or Gadget stays on the field and represents your path to the invention. When you complete the invention then you take control of it with one of the player markers and score according to the rules.

I’ll work on a longer text version of the rules and upload them here a bit later. I had a feeling that I’d muddle them up trying to fit them on two small pages.

I didn’t know there was a visual guide til now. :stuck_out_tongue:

It does help, makes things a bit less confusing, but I’m still confused.

When I find the time I’ll look over the rules again and compare them to the visual guide and maybe figure this out better, but a longer more detailed version of the rules would be very appreciated.

Once I do got it figured out though I do look forward to playing it some time. :slight_smile: