New GURPS 4e game looking for players

Greetings list, I am in the process of starting up a new online/ play by post game that I would like to run

does anyone else run a RPG here on vassal? just curious how it would be done.

It be a FANTASY game using the GURPS 4e rule set and

set in the Palladium Fantasy world.

i have done some initial work on it here:

if you are interested, shoot me an email at

gmjasongurps (at) yahoo (dot) com


I’m designing an RPG fantasy strategy game called To Be King. It’s going through a complete re-design at the moment but play testing has shown it to be quite an extensive thinker’s game …as well as good fun.

You can check it out from the link in my sig. …although the web site needs to be updated. Too busy working on the game itself to pay too much attention to the web page right now. There should be a public release of the game available in July or August.

Still looking for play testers as well and we use Ventrilo voice chat during game play.

My skype based game group uses vassal for two different role playing games. We play a variant of call of cthulhu and Savage Worlds (Deadlands reloaded). We’ve made modules that handle card play, dice rolling and combat. Vassal seems to work well for us, we just need these three ideas worked in somehow:

A dice parser language where we can get summed totals of different dice rolled, as well as being able to set macros for particular bunches of die rolls.

Set player color to different colors in the chat area to make it easier to find our rolls listed.

A way to draw on the screen and show images (which would change each module) to all the players when the GM wants them to be revealed.

Thus spake “bislab”:

Most of the work for this has already been done; you might see this in 3.3.

The former has also been worked on already, but I can’t give you an estimate
of when it will be finished.


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